Dun Movin Ranch

Dun Movin Ranch is located in California and is the home of Dr. Mike Horsemanship and the Equine Hydro-T.
We pride ourselves on working with each horse and rider to promote learning and excellence in Horsemanship.
Dr. Mike

Dr. Michael Guerini is a horseman, author and scientist from Gilroy, California. From an early age he gained valuable experience working with his family to train horses. To this day he continues to work with his family to develop a whole horse relationship training and education program. On this journey, Dr. Mike continues to learn from top Equine Clinicians in the United States and in 2007 he began to study Dressage. Dr. Mike specializes in helping the rider and horse develop a lasting connection. Michael studies Dressage, performance horses and teaches routinely on the merits of good horsemanship and improving the relationship of the horse and rider.

Dr. Mike's Accomplishments:

Co-Inventor of the Equine Hydro-T --  a rotary hydrotherapy device
for bathing horses and treating injuries. 

Author of multiple books on Horsemanship, veterinary mystery fiction and poems about horses.  Visit his list of books.

Horsemanship Clinician -- clinics taught in California, Montana, Nebraska, and Missouri

As a scientist, Michael is involved in the areas of genetics, microbiology and most things relating to the world of biotechnology. In 2011, Michael introduced his first work of fiction about a scientist who becomes a veterinarian and puts all his skills to work in solving medical problems in animals (Old Towne: Beginnings). A rich work with both human and animal characters and a fun wholesome read, great for youth interested in how the worlds of veterinary medicine and biotechnology work.

Michael is a Lifetime member of the American Quarter Horse Association and a Lifetime (Founding Pioneers) Member of the Western Dressage Association of America and a Professional Member of the North American Western Dressage Association.

My Horsemanship philosophy is that I work with each horse and rider to develop a solid relationship based on trust and the 6 C's of Horsemanship. Please remember---- "It is ALL about the Horse and each one is unique".


Dr. Mike's "6" C's of Horsemanship --- Collection, Compassion, Consistency, Control, Confidence, Calmness.